EnticeTheMalice and ChopTheBone Epic Sea of Thieves Fort Key Theft

Sea of Thieves PVP, Fort Key Theft

During the livestream for EnticeTheMalice and ChopTheBone, an epic battle for the skull fort key ensued. It all started after sinking approximately 12 ships during a few hours of server hopping. The latest fort we were headed to had just been completed, so of course we change up tactics during the approach in order to […]

Streamer Pace 22 Animated Dumpster Starting Screen on Twitch

Pace 22 Dumpster Fire

As many of you know, I enjoy a good game of Sea of Thieves. The PVP aspects of the game make it a really fun game to play with a good crew. Pace 22 is one of those players who demolishes other players in Sea of Thieves, attracting a great amount of salt that needed […]

Stealing Loot, Sinking Everything – Sea of Thieves PVP

EnticeTheMalice Stealing Loot Sink Everything

Another day and a lot more ships sunk in Sea of Thieves due to the hands of the death squad. Today’s adventure began with the simple notion of skull fort hopping but, instead, other crews finished the forts, we just stole the loot. This action packed, well organized naval battle was executed by The Malice […]

Malice Merch Store Now Available

EnticeTheMalice Merch Store

EnticeTheMalice merch is now available and purchasable by clicking here or by clicking the shop button in the menu.  I’ll be adding to the shop as time goes by depending on the success of the new stream I am preparing for. If you like enraging game play, blasting nerds and causing a stir in today’s […]

Potential Upcoming Stream Schedule For EnticeTheMalice

EnticeTheMalice Stream Schedule News

As of right now, I juggle a full time career, family and a software company. Finding time to do what I love (Playing Games) is not easy, but with support from friends and family, it’s never impossible. I am toying with a stream schedule that would allow me some air time and still give me […]

EnticeTheMalice and Death Crew Making Friends in Sea of Thieves #1

EnticeTheMalice Making Friends Ep 01

It’s been a little while since I’ve played Sea of Thieves, about a week to be exact. So the crew and I logged on and decided to do some of the Sunken Curse event, which was cool and all, but we really wanted to make some new friends. We met some people, most were a […]

EnticeTheMalice Gaming History, From 1980’s to Present Day

Entice The Malice Gaming History

It’s been a long time for me and gaming. Starting out with my very first gaming machine, the Atari 2600 back in the early 1980’s. It was my first peek at the gaming world. It was amazing to see games like Moon Patrol, Pitfall and other failed games like E.T. I owned every game that […]

Follow EnticeTheMalice Social Media Accounts

Entice The Malice Social Media

With my recent name change from GODKEVIN to EnticeTheMalice, I had to also update my social media accounts as well to reflect the name change. If you already follow me on the major networks such as Youtube and Twitter, you should not have to make any updates as I only changed the name. However, I […]

Sloop Pursuit – Sea of Thieves EnticeTheMalice Best Moments #1

Sloop Pursuit - EnticeTheMalice Best Moments #1

In this video, I highlight some of the best moments of a 2+ hour chase of a sloop with a crew of 2. Their names, Communism0 and SchizofrenKoala. The voyage started off nice and calm until this crew of 2 decided to tell us to piss off. Well, that changes things for us and the […]