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EnticeTheMalice Looking for Stream Team Players for Several Games

POSTED BY EnticeTheMalice July 19, 2018

It’s coming to the point where I am getting closer to launching my stream. I have been deciding on where to stream and have been narrowing it down to instead of Twitch. Main reason for me is that Twitch appears to have way to many streamers, a lot already established. Mixer on the other hand appears to have more viewers than streamers and opens more of an opportunity.

As far as my stream however, I am looking for fun, dedicated and talented players to have some good gaming sessions with on stream. Collaborating and networking with others is a great way for everyone to get some exposure and make a name for themselves. Right now, I am looking mainly for Sea of thieves but also looking for the below titles.

  • Sea of Thieves
  • Call of Duty
  • Battlefield
  • Islands of Nyne

For Sea of thieves, I am looking for PVP oriented players, Xbox or PC, it doesnt matter. As long as the player has high pvp skill. The other games however, I have not decided which platform yet will be primary, more on that soon, closer to launch (COD and BF).

If anyone is interested and can be available regularly in the evening times, roughly around 630pm to maybe 8 or 9, eastern time, please contact me so we can talk. Choose subject “Collaboration” and fill out the remaining fields. I look forward to hearing from you all!

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