The Red Arena

The Red Arena is a facility owned and operated by ILLUMICORP. This facility was originally built in 2019 and was taken over years later by the IGA during the transition into the new world. The arena has been operating without incident until now.

On 01/01/300NT (Novae Terrae) at approximately 1945hrs, an explosion was reported within the facility. Although no suspects were identified early on, we now have linked the incident to a group known as “True Light”. Below you will find images, video and news regarding the Red Arena incident.

Red Arena Aerial, Illumicorp

Image Database

Below are images from the Red Arena and Illumicorp assets


Videos that played during the stream. Current and previous.

Red Arena Suspect

Tall, black shirt, red vest, camo pants, tactical helmet, face fully covered.

Red Arena Tip Line
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